Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Election Results

In accordance with USW bylaws, all offices with multiple contenders, must be won by a majority vote (50% plus 1). Three positions had multiple contenders. The results are as follows:

Chief Operations Steward: Larry Turney (by a majority)

North Plant Steward: Kara Hill (by a majority)

JH&SC Chief Operations Steward: Aron Payne (by a majority)

No run-off elections are necessary due to all three of these positions meeting the majority threshold.
All other positions had single nominees, hence they met the majority threshold.
Congratulations to all!

In addition, due to the success of this weblog (which was started one year ago today) and the feedback we've received from our membership, we will be continuing to use this weblog for information, education and vital news pertaining to our membership. Please continue to check this site regularly for updates.